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The buzz at HIMSS '24? 6 takeaways

March 15, 2024
Beckers Hospital Review
Contributed by: Bill Russell
At the HIMSS 2024 conference in Orlando, Florida, the prevailing topic was the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) in healthcare, reflecting a shift to what Stanford Health Care's Gary Fritz describes as the current "AI wave" in health technology discussions. Key highlights included the unveiling of new healthcare generative AI applications by companies like Oracle Health and Google, alongside practical deployments such as Stanford Health Care's organization-wide adoption of Microsoft’s Nuance DAX co-pilot for clinical documentation, aimed at saving physicians time. Moreover, concerns over AI safety and the importance of human oversight were discussed, as well as innovations in "Hospital at Home" programs and cybersecurity, punctuated by the recent Change Healthcare ransomware attack’s industry-wide impact. Additionally, Mayo Clinic's presentation on their future $5 billion digitized hospital campus showcased the ambitious scope of integrating digital innovation directly into patient care and operational efficiency.
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