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The AI Maturity Roadmap: A Framework for Effective and Sustainable AI in Health Care

April 1, 2024
New England Journal of Medicine
The AI Maturity Roadmap article, sponsored by NEJM AI and developed in collaboration between the Health Management Academy, Microsoft, and Nuance, details a comprehensive framework designed to guide health systems in effectively deploying and maturing their AI capabilities. Authored by experts across the field, the roadmap outlines six key focus areas: Culture, Governance, Business Implementation, Value, Maintenance and Operations, and Information Architecture, under which several granular themes are categorized. It introduces a five-level maturity model, ranging from “awareness” to “transformational”, to assist health systems in benchmarking their progress. Initial findings reveal a general skew towards the lower levels of maturity among participating health systems, highlighting the widespread variety in approaches to AI integration. The roadmap emphasizes the necessity of inclusive consideration of human, technology, and process factors and aims to be both a strategic guide and a framework for ongoing discussion and refinement among industry leaders.
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