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Telehealth Declines as AI and In-Person Visits Rise Post-Pandemic

July 10, 2024
### Telehealth Declines as AI and In-Person Visits Rise Post-Pandemic Post-pandemic, the demand for telehealth services has decreased, and healthcare trends are shifting towards Artificial Intelligence (AI) and in-person visits. Oregon Health & Science University recently disbanded a prominent telehealth nursing unit established during the pandemic. According to experts, traditional telehealth models, which focused on transactional interactions without holistic care, are becoming outdated. Companies like Amazon and Walmart have scaled back their telehealth offerings, though startups like Fabric are integrating AI to streamline both virtual and in-person services. Innovations such as holographic consultations are emerging, pointing towards a hybrid future in healthcare. ### Do US Consumers Underestimate the Potential Of Digital Wallets? Despite the widespread use of digital wallets in the U.S., primarily for online shopping and peer-to-peer payments, most consumers are unaware of the broader functionalities these tools offer. A report by PYMNTS and Google Wallet reveals that only a small fraction of users utilize digital wallets for non-transactional purposes like storing credentials or accessing events and rewards programs. The study highlights a significant untapped potential, suggesting that digital wallets could simplify identity verification processes and offer more convenience beyond just financial transactions.
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