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Survey: Five Takeaways on Healthcare Consumer Preferences

June 19, 2024
Jarrard Inc.
A recent survey by Jarrard Inc. highlights key factors influencing healthcare consumer preferences. The findings emphasize that patients value a personal connection with their healthcare providers, defining "quality" as care that is attentive, caring, and easy to access, rather than through awards or rankings. Insurance acceptance, location convenience, and positive online reviews are crucial for choosing a provider, while recommendations from trusted sources significantly influence final decisions. Relationships with providers are essential for patient retention, even in the face of logistical changes. Virtual care is generally well-regarded but underutilized due to a lack of awareness and a preference for face-to-face interactions. Additionally, consumers are divided on digital tools, with a need for providers to balance online and phone-based scheduling methods and enhance patient education on digital options. This comprehensive insight helps Marcom leaders better position their healthcare organizations in a competitive landscape.
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