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Study: AI-powered alerts improve patient outcomes

June 17, 2024
Medical Economics
### Study: AI-powered Alerts Improve Patient Outcomes (June 14, 2024) A study conducted at Mount Sinai Hospital, published in Critical Care Medicine, revealed that AI-generated alerts significantly enhance patient care and outcomes. Patients whose care teams received real-time AI alerts about health deterioration were 43% more likely to get timely escalated care and had a lower mortality rate within 30 days. The research led by Dr. Matthew Levin demonstrates that AI-driven alerts outperform traditional methods in predicting clinical decline, facilitating earlier interventions and saving lives. Although the study faced interruptions due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the algorithm has been widely implemented across Mount Sinai's stepdown units, aiding clinical decision-making and improving patient safety through continuous data integration and reinforcement learning.
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