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Softbank founder reportedly aims to raise $100 billion to build AI chip company that would rival Nvidia — Project Izanagi might leverage Arm design

February 19, 2024
Tom's Hardware
Contributed by: Reid Stephan
SoftBank founder Masayoshi Son aims to raise $100 billion for new chip venture, Project Izanagi, planning to rival Nvidia in AI processors and contribute to artificial general intelligence (AGI) development. It remains uncertain whether AI processors designed by Project Izanagi will use technologies such as instruction set architecture developed by Arm. How the new venture will co-exist with Arm's supposed plans to create reference chip designs for various workloads is also unclear. Son intends to invest $30 billion from SoftBank, with the remaining $70 billion potentially raised from Middle Eastern institutions. The specifics of Izanagi's funding and execution are still determined.
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