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Silicon Valley salaries are shrinking, leaving workers in the lurch

June 20, 2024
The Mercury News
The article from The Mercury News reports on the decrease in tech sector salaries in Silicon Valley, which have fallen by 15%, representing the largest drop in the nation despite still being the highest in any metro area. Many workers, including Krista DeWeese, who has experienced multiple layoffs, struggle to meet the high cost of living. The job market has tightened, with about 40,000 positions cut since 2022, and salaries not keeping pace with inflation. This situation disproportionately affects women due to the persistent gender pay gap. Meanwhile, new graduates like Genevieve Richards find it challenging to secure jobs with adequate pay, leading some to seek opportunities abroad or in locations with lower living costs. The article notes a shift towards lower compensation packages in exchange for remote work flexibility, but this comes with increased competition. Despite these challenges, tech employment opportunities continue to grow across various industries.
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