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Safeguarding the future of radiology with imaging informatics

April 2, 2024
Contributed by: Drex DeFord
As AI-mediated cyberattacks become increasingly common, radiologists face the challenge of ensuring timely access to diagnostic imaging while protecting sensitive health data. Prioritizing cybersecurity investments, such as sophisticated network security measures, regular software updates, and staff training, can mitigate financial losses for radiology departments. With interoperability between healthcare and imaging systems being crucial for patient care, the rise in cyberthreats prompts a greater focus on data protection. A Ponemon Institute survey revealed that 88% of healthcare organizations encountered an average of 40 cyberattacks in the past year, costing around $5 million on average. In response, there's a push for establishing comprehensive cybersecurity programs to protect personal information without hindering patient diagnosis and treatment. The article highlights the importance of secure data storage, the integration of robust cybersecurity measures, and the deployment of efficient storage solutions to manage the increasing volume of radiology data. Moreover, it underscores the necessity of adopting proactive cybersecurity strategies, including organization-wide training on phishing, compliance with global standards, and exploration of cloud-native security to safeguard patient data against cyber threats effectively.
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