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Rising risks from accelerated use of unchecked IoT in enterprise

February 29, 2024
Enterprises' acceleration in IoT deployment raises cybersecurity vulnerabilities and potential network breaches. Kenan Frager of Asimily highlights the risks of unguarded IoT systems, while stress on regulatory compliance compounds the problem. Cyber threats evolve, with routers being the prime target, representing 75% IoT infections. Ransomware attacks, botnets, DDoS attacks are common, and legacy vulnerabilities usually remain unresolved. Increased IoT attacks affect cybersecurity insurance, making it pricier and harder to obtain. Businesses' weak IoT security leads to insurance denial. Manufacturing, finance, and energy industries are chief targets. Shankar Somasundaram, CEO of Asimily, emphasizes comprehensive risk management strategies to mitigate IoT risks.
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