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Rewind: Goldman Sachs CIO Marco Argenti on AI, data, mental models for disruption

May 7, 2024
Constellation Research
Goldman Sachs CIO Marco Argenti, speaking at the Domino Data Lab Rev 4 conference, emphasized the firm's strategic orientation toward becoming a "fully digital company" to remain at the forefront of industry trends. He discussed Goldman Sachs' heavy investment in technology and AI, noting that about a quarter of its workforce is tech-focused. Argenti, formerly of Amazon's AWS, values an external perspective for innovation and highlighted the evolving role of AI in enhancing human capabilities rather than replacing them. He underscored the importance of AI in augmenting productivity and developing synergies between humans and technology, illustrating his vision where each major role at Goldman Sachs would be paired with an AI co-pilot to optimize performance and decision-making processes.
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