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Report: Amazon developing AI chatbot that would compete with ChatGPT and others

June 25, 2024
Amazon is reportedly developing its own AI chatbot, codenamed "Metis," to compete with services like OpenAI's ChatGPT, potentially launching later this year. This new chatbot will be available via web browsers and is built on a new foundational model, as mentioned by Business Insider. Amazon's move places it among other tech giants like Microsoft and Google in the AI assistant arena. Additionally, Amazon plans to introduce a new version of its Alexa voice assistant, "Remarkable Alexa," featuring a paid tier that could significantly boost revenue. This development is part of Amazon's broader strategy to enhance its presence in the generative AI space, leveraging its AWS infrastructure and recent AI initiatives like the enterprise-focused "Amazon Q" and shopping assistant "Rufus." CEO Andy Jassy emphasizes a three-pronged approach to AI, encompassing building, using, and helping customers create AI models.
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