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Ransomware gang claims to have made $3.4 million after attacking children’s hospital

March 9, 2024
The Record
Contributed by: Bill Russell
A ransomware gang, identified as Rhysida, has claimed to have successfully sold data stolen from Lurie Children's Hospital in Chicago, initially listed for a ransom of $3.4 million or 60 bitcoins on the dark web. The cyberattack, which occurred last month, significantly disrupted the hospital's computer networks and clinical operations, forcing a temporary reliance on manual systems. Despite these challenges, Lurie Children's committed to continuing patient care, albeit with some cancellations of appointments and elective surgeries. The hospital is now in the process of gradually restoring its vital systems, including its electronic health records and phone systems, while cooperating with law enforcement and cyber experts to investigate the breach. This incident is part of a worrying trend of increasing cyber attacks targeting the healthcare sector, with another organization, Change Healthcare, also currently experiencing costly disruptions.
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