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Rachael England, MPH on LinkedIn: Review of Change Cyber testimony on Capital Hill

April 17, 2024
Rachael England, MPH, Associate Principal at Digital Technologies, shares insights from a recent Energy & Commerce Committee hearing on the Change Healthcare cybersecurity incident. Key takeaways include the acknowledgement that stronger cybersecurity practices at healthcare entities wouldn't have prevented the impact of the attack due to the nature of third-party vulnerabilities. Discussion points highlighted the limited liability of third-party vendors, the interconnected risks in modern healthcare, and the need for a shift in focus towards empowering organizations with resources to meet HHS Cybersecurity Performance Goals and develop risk management plans. The current standard of transferring liability from vendors to health systems is questioned, and there's a call for legislative action to better support cybersecurity in healthcare. Additionally, commentary from Vijay Raghavan, an expert in cyber resilience, mentions the need for regulations similar to SBOM for service providers post-major cybersecurity incidents, pointing out gaps in current mandates for business continuity and disaster recovery planning.
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