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Physicians are embracing clinical GenAI—in theory, at least

April 26, 2024
AI in Healthcare
A recent survey conducted by Wolters Kluwer Health reveals that over two-thirds of U.S. physicians have grown more trusting of generative AI (GenAI) over the past year, appreciating its potential to save time and improve health care. Approximately 40% of physicians are now ready to use GenAI at the point of care, provided they trust the tool in question. Key benefits recognized include time savings in accessing and summarizing medical information and enhancing care team efficiency. The survey also highlights a critical need for transparency about the sources and creation of GenAI content, with the majority of physicians requiring assurance that the data used by GenAI tools are provided by medical professionals. Despite these positive attitudes among healthcare providers, there remains a notable skepticism among patients regarding GenAI's application in healthcare.
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