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"People Aren't Listening": Trish Gallagher on the "Massive" Challenges Facing Nurses & How to Fix Them

April 17, 2024
Trish Gallagher, a former CNIO, shared her insights on the pressing issues causing nurse and nursing leadership turnover in healthcare. Highlighting the not-so-apparent root causes, Gallagher points to a hostile work environment rather than a simple shortage of nurses as the primary factor pushing nurses away from bedside care. Despite the increasing number of registered nurses, a staffing crisis persists due to widespread dissatisfaction with the working conditions. Gallagher discusses how rapid technological adoption without adequate training and the lack of a supportive environment contribute to nurse burnout. She calls for a reevaluation of how technology is utilized in nursing, emphasizing the need for a revamp in nursing documentation and a better integration of technology to ease the burden on nurses. Gallagher’s perspective sheds light on the systemic issues in healthcare that, if unaddressed, threaten to exacerbate the staffing crisis by driving skilled nurses away from the profession.
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