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Patient care threatened by ever-increasing cyberattacks

October 12, 2023
Healthcare Finance News
Contributed by: Bill Russell
Cyberattacks, particularly supply chain and email compromise attacks, threaten patient care with 88% of healthcare organizations experiencing on average 40 attacks in the past 12 months, costing around $4.99 million per attack, a 13% increase from the previous year. 66% of these attacks disrupted patient care, causing poor outcomes, delays in procedures, complications, and increased mortality rates. Supply chain attacks most affect patient care, with 64% of organizations experiencing such an attack in the past two years, causing 77% disruption in patient care. Ransomware remains a significant threat, despite declining concerns, with 54% of organizations reporting an attack, and while a smaller number paid ransoms this year, the cost for the highest ransom payment spiked by 29%.
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