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Packed. Crowded. Bursting. Crammed. Glutted. Jammed. Teeming. Saturated. Chock-full. Jam-packed. Brimming. Overflowing.

July 9, 2024
Contributed by: Drex DeFord
The article by Chadly McCyberton critically examines the current state of cybersecurity careers, contending that the field is oversaturated, particularly at entry levels, making job acquisition challenging. Despite widespread claims of high demand and lucrative six-figure salaries, McCyberton argues that educational institutions and bootcamps are often more interested in selling courses than providing realistic career pathways. Furthermore, he notes instances of companies posting cybersecurity job openings without the intent to hire, solely to appeal to investors. McCyberton highlights the instability of cybersecurity jobs, including frequent layoffs and high stress levels, suggesting that the industry's allure may be deceptive and urging potential entrants to reconsider the career promises portrayed by cybersecurity educators and influencers.
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