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Opinion: How artificial intelligence can make health care safer and more personal

March 14, 2024
San Diego Union-Tribune
In his article for the San Diego Union-Tribune, Dr. Karandeep Singh, Chief Health AI Officer at UC San Diego Health, explores the evolving role of artificial intelligence (AI) in healthcare. He began by referencing Dr. Warner Slack's work in the 1960s, which laid the foundation for computers in patient care, highlighting how AI, particularly deep learning, has followed a similar trajectory into clinical practice. Singh discusses AI's current applications at UC San Diego Health, such as the sepsis detection tool that has improved patient outcomes, and explores the potential of generative AI in personalizing care by alleviating the administrative burden on clinicians, hence fostering more patient-focused interactions. He underscores the ongoing evaluation of AI applications for safety and equity and stresses the importance of ethical AI use through UC San Diego Health's commitments and collaborations. Singh concludes by reflecting on the profound possibilities AI presents for enhancing patient safety and care quality without replacing the invaluable human element of healthcare.
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