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NYU Langone Health promotes generative AI innovation with 'prompt-a-thon'

September 27, 2023
Healthcare IT News
NYU Langone Health's departments hosted first Generative AI Prompt-A-Thon in Health Care, exploring AI solutions to healthcare challenges with real-world patient data. The event centered around large language models (LLMs) for next-word predictions, text summaries, data extraction, and chatbot conversations. Despite AI advancements, they don't think and may produce non-existent conclusions, requiring human oversight particularly in health care. Challenge was involving workforce members in AI, many lacking technical skill for projects dealing with patient-secure NYU GPT. Generative AI Prompt-A-Thon helped engage workforce with generative AI lowering barriers, and aimed at fostering a community of learning for innovation. Results of the AI Prompt-A-Thon anticipated to develop into operationalized applications at NYU and world. Observations and survey results inform future use of generative AI. An infrastructure for generative AI use and staff training were crucial.
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