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Nvidia unveils robots powered by super computer and AI to take on world’s heavy industries

March 19, 2024
During the Nvidia GTC Artificial Intelligence Conference in San Jose, California, Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang introduced the new Blackwell processor, designed to significantly enhance AI computing performance in both development and execution stages. Named after the pioneering mathematician David Blackwell, this chip contains 208 billion transistors and promises to revolutionize AI processing for major data center operators like Amazon, Microsoft, Google, and Oracle, with availability set for later this year. Highlighting Nvidia's leading position in AI technology and its market valuation exceeding $2 trillion, the Blackwell chip represents a leap in processing power and efficiency, incorporating innovative production techniques and offering improved networking capabilities. Huang's announcement reinforces Nvidia's central role in the ongoing AI-driven industrial transformation, emphasizing the company's strategy to democratize AI technology access across industries and government sectors.
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