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Nvidia inks tie-ups with Abridge, GE HealthCare and Microsoft as it expands its footprint in healthcare AI

March 26, 2024
Nvidia, a significant player in AI computing, is enhancing its presence in the healthcare AI sector by launching over two dozen new generative AI-powered microservices and forming strategic collaborations with Abridge, GE HealthCare, Microsoft, and Hippocratic AI. These partnerships aim to leverage Nvidia’s AI capabilities in clinical documentation, medical imaging, and empathetic AI healthcare agents, among other applications. The announcement, made at Nvidia’s GTC conference, underscores the company’s commitment to transforming healthcare and life sciences through advanced AI technologies. GE HealthCare is utilizing Nvidia’s technology to improve ultrasound imaging, while Microsoft expands its use of generative AI in healthcare and life sciences. Abridge is working with Nvidia to scale a clinical conversation platform across the U.S. healthcare system. Additionally, the startup Hippocratic AI is developing AI healthcare agents for enhancing patient care coordination and management, showcasing the broad spectrum of Nvidia’s AI applications in healthcare.
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