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Nurse managers' 4-day workweeks: How it's going at Mount Sinai

March 25, 2024
Becker's Hospital Review
In the fall of 2022, Mount Sinai Health System in New York City initiated a four-day workweek for nurse managers to enhance work-life balance and combat burnout among its nursing leadership. Over a year into the program, both employee engagement and satisfaction have seen significant improvements, making it a successful retention strategy. The program allows nurse managers to work four 10-hour days, ensuring they have a complete day off with no work responsibilities while maintaining continuous managerial presence in the unit. This scheduling flexibility has not only been embraced by the nurse managers, allowing them to support their teams more effectively and ensure high standards of patient care, but it has also led to a reduction in turnover and vacancy rates among registered nurses at Mount Sinai, showcasing better outcomes compared to national averages. Other health systems are now considering adopting similar workweek models for their management staff in response to these positive outcomes.
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