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Not sure if you’re behind or ahead in AI adoption?

June 28, 2024
Summary of LinkedIn Posts by Allie K. Miller Allie K. Miller shares several insightful updates on LinkedIn regarding AI advancements and their applications. She offers a guide to help companies benchmark their AI adoption progress, addressing both enthusiasm and skepticism about AI’s practical value. Miller highlights several new AI tools and models, such as Luma AI’s “Dream Machine” and Meta’s recently released AI models. She underscores the practical utility of tools like Google Gemini and Claude Sonnet 3.5 in transforming education, marketing, and other fields. Moreover, she announces a free AI session offer for non-profit groups and emphasizes the necessity for companies to integrate AI systems thoughtfully rather than relying solely on chatbots. Her posts generate active discussions and diverse viewpoints from industry professionals, reflecting a broad interest in the real-world impact and implementation of AI technologies.

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