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NIST issues digital identity update allowing agencies to use synced passkeys

April 25, 2024
Federal News Network
The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has issued a new supplement to its 2017 digital identity guidelines, addressing federal policy discrepancies that previously hindered the adoption of advanced multifactor authentication methods by agencies. This supplement, the first of its kind since the original guidelines, highlights the acceptance of synchronized authenticators or passkeys for both enterprise and public-facing applications. By clarifying the guidelines to formally support the usage of FIDO Alliance-endorsed synced passkeys, which offer more user-friendly, phishing-resistant authentication options, NIST aims to encourage quicker adoption and improve secure online interactions for the public. This update is particularly significant as it aligns with the Biden administration’s zero-trust strategy, which mandates phishing-resistant multifactor authentication for public-facing services to enhance security and user experience.
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