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Multiverse Of Health

December 27, 2023
About Digital Health
Contributed by: Bill Russell
Marelize Gorgens, Lead of the Digital Health Flagship Program at the World Bank, discusses the need for integrated digital healthcare. Global digital transformation in healthcare supports resilient health systems and meets consumer demand. Fragmented investments and disconnected systems present challenges, without a unified approach. "Digital-in-health" promotes a seamless strategy incorporating digital elements in all aspects of healthcare. The World Bank emphasizes connecting health information gaps, prioritizing equity, problem-solving for underserved groups, and scaling for everyone, addressing healthcare worker problems and reducing regional and income-based digital gaps. Governments must balance strategic governance with reducing the digital divide. The private sector plays a critical role, but requires standardized rules. AI could reduce the digital divide, but ethical, privacy, and technical challenges exist. Strategic investment in AI can bring immediate benefits. Digital transformation must be collaborative, and capacity grows with decision-making and sharing experiences. Small changes are also transformative. Open standards, content, and access to data can connect disparate data points effectively.
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