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Microsoft wants to make Windows an AI operating system, launches Copilot+ PCs | TechCrunch

May 22, 2024
Microsoft has announced significant enhancements to integrate AI deeply into Windows 11 during its Build 2024 developer conference. The company introduced "Copilot+ PCs" equipped with specialized AI chips and at least 16GB of RAM, designed to optimize AI functionalities like the Recall feature, which helps locate past activities and files. Additionally, Microsoft has unveiled new Surface devices boasting improved performance and battery life. A partnership with Meta will bring interactive VR apps to Quest headsets, and Microsoft’s Copilot suite will extend AI capabilities across various applications, including Teams, Edge, and GitHub. New features like Super Resolution for image editing and real-time live translations will further integrate AI into user experiences. Developers will gain access to the Windows Copilot Runtime to build AI-driven applications more efficiently.
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