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Microsoft says US rivals are beginning to use generative AI in offensive cyber operations

February 16, 2024
AP News
Contributed by: Drex DeFord
Microsoft and OpenAI disrupted adversaries' AI technology misuse in cyber operations, mainly from Iran, North Korea, lesser from Russia, China. Detected AI techniques were early-stage, not unique, but public disclosure vital as enemies use large-language models to expand network breach ability, conduct influence operations. Large-language models escalate offensive hacking, propelled by ChatGPT—OpenAI's product. Liabilities from generative AI indicated by Microsoft include enhanced malicious social engineering, sophisticated deepfake production, threatening democracy. These adversaries were cited using AI for espionage, academic research, spear-phishing campaigns, social engineering, software troubleshooting, invisible network intrusions, sensitive and geopolitical information acquisition. Critics argue AI models' release was hasty since security was usually an afterthought. AI use and large language models could develop into potent cyber weapons.
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