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KC hospitals say AI has potential to cut costs, but regulation lacking

February 25, 2024
KC Beacon
Contributed by: Bill Russell
AI use growing in Kansas City hospitals aiding physicians in recording notes and managing hospital beds. Health industry members believe AI can reduce costs, staff exhaustion, and improve patient care. However, regulation is required to avoid harmful potential. One mother used ChatGPT to diagnose her son's condition, undiagnosed by 17 doctors. Concerns about AI biases exist, affecting its credibility. Hospitals argue AI benefits include reduced costs, improved patient care, and advanced research. Tools such as Abridge are used to record patient visits, creating accurate notes and reducing doctor's paperwork. AI-based Patient Progression Hub at Children's Mercy improved inter-hospital referrals and patient discharging. Most Americans surveyed, however, feel uncomfortable with AI healthcare. Industry organizations create own AI standards, waiting for governmental regulations. The Center for Practical Bioethics encourages devising hospital AI policies and expecting tech developers to answer bias-related questions. Governmental bodies are now considering AI regulations.
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