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Justice Department Creates Task Force on Healthcare Monopolies

May 15, 2024
Healthcare Innovation
The U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) has formed a Health Care Monopolies and Collusion (HCMC) task force within its Antitrust Division to combat monopolistic and collusive practices in the healthcare industry. Announced on May 9, this task force aims to reduce healthcare costs and enhance quality by identifying and prosecuting monopolies and unfair practices that dominate markets. Assistant Attorney General Jonathan Kanter emphasized the need to address the concentration of power among a few large entities. The HCMC initiative is complemented by the recent launch of, a platform for reporting anticompetitive behaviors, and follows the Federal Trade Commission's (FTC) move to ban noncompete agreements. The new task force will include a diverse team of legal, economic, and health industry experts to tackle these pressing issues.
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