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Misconceptions Within the Healthcare Industry

January 1, 2024
Contributed by: Bill Russell
Physician Mick Connors shared on LinkedIn his perspective on common misconceptions within the healthcare industry. He disputes the belief that Electronic Health Records cause physician burnout, arguing that deteriorating relationships in healthcare are the main issue. He criticizes the flawed perception of employment within healthcare and the misconception that physicians aren't impacted by scope creep or shifting responsibilities. Connors also condemns the belief in the superiority of in-person care and the overemphasis on AI's role in workflow efficiency. He asserts that too many physicians have excessive confidence in their individual abilities rather than acknowledging the benefits of a diverse healthcare team, and argues against the tendency to seek MBAs as a cure-all for healthcare issues. Connors additionally identifies the failure to acknowledge profitable, greedy practices within the industry, the unwillingness to recognize inherent biases, and the reluctance to define 'value' in healthcare as problematic fallacies.
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