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Is artificial intelligence a cybersecurity ally or menace?

September 24, 2023
Healthcare IT News
AI impacts cybersecurity both beneficially and detrimentally, aiding attackers but also defenders in cybersecurity. Cybercriminals leverage AI for sophisticated attacks, while cybersecurity teams use it for defense. AI implications for cybersecurity include facilitating denial of service attacks, brute force attacks, and model poisoning. The technology can also lead to data privacy concerns through "prompt engineering" attacks on public tools like ChatGPT. In contrast, AI benefits cybersecurity by aiding threat identification, detecting malicious code, and predicting phishing attacks. However, generative AI like ChatGPT introduces risks such as coding for nefarious purposes and privacy invasion. Despite potential negatives, AI's positive impact on healthcare, with proper safeguards, outweighs the negatives.
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