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I’m a disaster expert, this is what will happen after a Russian cyber attack

March 20, 2024
Contributed by: Drex DeFord
The article discusses the potential for a large-scale national cyber attack on critical infrastructure, emphasizing the vulnerability of medical technology and the NHS to such threats due to outdated security measures. It highlights Jake Moore, a global cybersecurity advisor, who details how a collective attack could have catastrophic consequences across various sectors, including hospitals, police stations, and the financial system. Despite this, Moore explains that life-saving equipment and critical services have safeguards like offline operation and alternative communication networks to mitigate the impact. Additionally, the article notes the UK's ongoing preparations against such threats, the constant attempts by hackers to target key infrastructure, and the resilience of the National Grid against cyber attacks due to rigorous monitoring and emergency protocols. The overarching message is cautious optimism that while the risk of a multifaceted cyber attack is real, the UK's defenses and preparedness efforts offer significant protection.
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