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'I don't ever trust Epic to be correct': Nurses raise more AI concerns

June 17, 2024
Contributed by: Sue Schade
Nurses are raising concerns about the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) into electronic health records (EHRs), arguing that the technology is ineffective and detracts from patient care. They report that AI-driven programs like automated nurse handoffs and patient classification systems frequently fall short of practical needs, citing examples where algorithms misjudge patient acuity or provide inaccurate warnings, like sepsis alerts. While companies like Epic and Oracle Health promote AI as a tool to enhance care and prevent adverse events, nurses insist that these systems fail to account for essential aspects of their workflow, such as patient education and compassionate care. Health systems like Kaiser Permanente and Keck Medicine are attempting to address these concerns by emphasizing that ultimate decisions are made by licensed nurses and that AI should assist rather than replace human judgment.
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