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How Wi-Fi Upgrades Support Hospitals’ Smart Room Initiatives

July 10, 2024
Contributed by: Sarah Richardson
**Rapidly Expanding Technology in Patient Rooms** The "Patient Room ‘Next’" framework promotes the integration of advanced technology in various patient care settings, utilizing platforms like Artisight's IoT sensor network and NVIDIA's Clara Guardian for data collection and analysis through AI. This technology supports clinical workflows by monitoring hand hygiene, IV fluid levels, and potential patient falls. Patients can use tablets for information access and autonomy, while smart devices like wearables and smart beds facilitate continuous health tracking. Environmental technologies enhance comfort through automated adjustments, and remote patient monitoring helps reduce hospital readmissions. **Network Considerations for Healthcare Organizations** Healthcare networks are crucial for supporting a growing number of IoMT devices and ensuring secure, reliable connections necessary for virtual care and accessing patient records. These networks must be modernized to handle the increased demand and to improve security, particularly with the advent of Wi-Fi 6E, which offers enhanced speed, lower latency, and better security. Healthcare IT leaders should conduct network assessments before upgrades to ensure compatibility and should consider interoperability standards like HL7. Collaborating with technology partners can ease the transition and address challenges in network modernization and cloud migration.
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