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How CTOs can make the case that AI investments create value

February 10, 2024
AI investment gives businesses unique value generation opportunities. Papa John's uses AI in fraud detection and delivery prediction; they're testing AI-enabled robotics and voice automation in customer service. Canva has integrated AI in creating text-to-image and image generating tools and perceives AI as a creative partner. Cushman & Wakefield employs AI in commercial real estate transactions and created an AI task force to ensure its responsible deployment. Morningstar uses AI to automate tasks and collect data; they launched an AI chatbot that summarizes investment insights. ServiceNow adopted an "AI-first" approach, deployed a dozen generative-AI use cases, and encourages AI investment. Snowflake is testing Document AI to help customers with their contracts, considering it a productivity tool. Businesses prioritize AI applications with clear value and defined ROI.
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