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How Children’s Hospitals Approach Change in Patient Care

May 24, 2024
Contributed by: Sarah Richardson
**Expanding the System to Emergency Departments for Improved Patient Care**: The team plans to extend their system to emergency departments. Their aim is to use head-to-toe assessments to generate scores that guide providers on the next steps, ensuring patients receive appropriate care levels from the start. This expansion is anticipated to be highly beneficial, although further development is necessary. **Enhanced Patient Experiences at Loma Linda University Children’s Hospital**: Loma Linda University Children’s Hospital has introduced "Loma Land," an interactive digital experience designed to create a calming environment for patients and families. Visitors engage with digital wall screens to customize an animated forest creature, which then accompanies them through the hospital via motion sensors. This technology aims to alleviate stress and enhance the healing process by providing engaging, customizable experiences, with potential applications for in-room education. **Using AI for Safer Surgeries in Pediatric Care**: A survey at a Chicago-based children’s hospital reveals that parents generally support the use of AI in pediatric acute care despite some reservations. At Boston Children’s Hospital, Dr. Kathy Jenkins explores AI's potential to improve safety in pediatric cardiac procedures. Utilizing extensive data, her research focuses on enhancing the quality of complex and invasive procedures like those in the cardiac catheterization lab.
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