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How Can Digital Health Startups Stand Out In Today’s Landscape? - MedCity News

March 27, 2024
MedCity News
During a panel at the HIMSS conference in Orlando, Michael Greeley of Flare Capital Partners and Robbie Freeman of Mount Sinai Health System discussed the challenging financing landscape for digital health startups, contrasting the boom of 2021 with the current funding difficulties. They outlined key attributes for startups aiming to succeed in this environment: the capacity to rapidly demonstrate a return on investment (ROI) and the ability to showcase measurable improvements in operational efficiency, clinical burnout reduction, or patient outcomes. Greeley emphasized the importance of startups being able to quantify their impact within a short timeframe, while Freeman highlighted the need for clear, trackable success metrics for any new product trials. Both panelists agreed that startups with broad, impactful platforms have a competitive edge over those with narrower offerings.
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