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House defense bill expected to include Cyber Force creation

May 24, 2024
SC Magazine
Contributed by: Drex DeFord
House Armed Services Committee members Morgan Luttrell, R-Texas, and Chrissy Houlahan, D-Pa., propose an amendment to the upcoming fiscal year's defense authorization legislation to create a Cyber Force under the Department of Defense. This entails a National Academy of Sciences evaluation on the feasibility of the new armed service, expected within nine months post-approval. Luttrell emphasizes the necessity of a Cyber Force due to the growing cyber threat landscape, even as Cyber Command undertakes its own assessments. The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission has fined Intercontinental Exchange, the parent company of the New York Stock Exchange, $10 million for failing to promptly report a data breach in 2021. The breach affected the NYSE and eight other subsidiaries, highlighting the importance of timely incident reporting. The U.S. Department of Justice has arrested and indicted Chinese nationals Daren Li and Yicheng Zhang for their involvement in a pig butchering scheme that allegedly laundered at least $73 million. The scheme underscores the ongoing challenges in combating sophisticated financial cybercrimes. Following its earlier resistance to a European Parliament probe on NSO Group's Pegasus spyware abuse, Poland has made strides in addressing spyware accountability. The country has committed to the Biden
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