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Hospitals Made Mistakes During The Pandemic. It’s Still Urgent Today

March 1, 2024
Covid-19 pandemic revealed hospitals' error-driven patient harm despite heroic efforts. Rise in preventable hospital-acquired infections proved hospitals' failure in handling public health crises and infection prevention. Consequently, increased federal interest in addressing patient safety rose, with new CMS standards and White House calls for better accountability, policy oversight, and technology utilization. Post-pandically, hospitals have begun addressing these issues, with decreasing infection rates and implementing AI innovation. Cloud migration challenges and solutions identified by Nutanix include refactoring, AI integration, vendor lock-in, security, skill shortages, and lack of support. Companies can move applications to the cloud without re-writing them, utilize AI to modernize, avoid vendor lock-in by using dual vendor strategy, choose their data location for maximum security, operate with a singular team, and utilize Nutanix's good support for their Cloud Platform.
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