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Home Office was warned about NHS cyber hacks months before Kremlin-backed attack

July 3, 2024
Contributed by: Drex DeFord
The UK Home Office was cautioned about a significant risk of ransomware attacks months prior to a major cyber-attack on the NHS by Kremlin-protected hackers, according to a report by the Joint Committee on National Security Strategy (JCNSS). Despite these warnings, the NHS's outdated IT infrastructure and insufficient security measures made it particularly vulnerable. The attack, linked to a Russian hacker group known as Qilin, resulted in canceled medical procedures and the public release of sensitive patient data. The Home Office's prioritization of other issues over cybersecurity was criticized, and a transfer of responsibility to the Cabinet Office was suggested. The attack indicated an escalation in Russia’s cyber warfare tactics, prompting calls for the UK to bolster its cybersecurity defenses and international cooperation to combat such threats. The government has committed to further investments and collaborations to improve resilience, amidst ongoing investigations into the incident.
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