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Holy Name’s Go-It-Alone EHR Strategy: Why It’s Worked

May 16, 2024
Contributed by: Sarah Richardson
Our organization decided to self-develop our IT system, Harmony, transitioning from the previous EHR vendor Web-HIS to eliminate paper documentation and enhance order entry processes. This initiative was driven by the vision of our CEO to have an in-house, user-friendly system crafted with significant input from frontline nursing staff. The development process took over two years, starting in the emergency department and rolling out across inpatient areas within six months, despite some initial challenges. Our approach allowed quick and constant updates, fostering a collaborative environment where frontline feedback was continuously incorporated. Key lessons learned include the importance of involving frontline workers from the outset and maintaining interdisciplinary collaboration. The experience highlights the value of listening to frontline staff, particularly nurses, to enhance efficiency and patient safety amidst broader industry challenges like the nursing shortage.
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