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Here’s how Apple’s AI model tries to keep your data private

June 17, 2024
The Verge
Contributed by: Drex DeFord
Apple introduced Apple Intelligence at its WWDC event, a suite of AI tools for iPhone, iPad, and Mac, emphasizing both utility and data privacy. Apple Intelligence is designed to perform common AI tasks on-device, such as email drafting and call transcriptions, to ensure speed and privacy. For more complex tasks, the system reaches out to cloud servers in a secure manner. Notably, Apple uses its own AI models trained on publicly available data and licensed materials, rather than user data. The models are optimized for power efficiency and size to function effectively on Apple's devices. This dual approach aims to provide robust AI features while minimizing privacy concerns by keeping most data processing local and leveraging secure cloud computing for more intensive tasks. The success of this balance will be clearer once Apple Intelligence is fully deployed.
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