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Healthcare's Oppenheimer moment

February 19, 2024
Beckers Hospital Review
Excitement and concern surround AI's rapid growth in healthcare; ChatGPT offers automation, data analysis, and complex chatbot comms. However, trained biases, information security, and accuracy remain risks. Health systems struggle with implementing AI solutions, balancing automation and medical decision-making enhancement with potential dependence dangers. The ECRI announced "insufficient AI medical tech governance" as a top 2024 health tech hazard, emphasizing continuous accuracy and appropriateness monitoring. Further, a UPMC and KLAS survey revealed 65% of health systems lack a governance policy for AI use, while a paltry 55% of systems with policies updated them in the past year. Experts anticipate technology and automation will drive significant healthcare transformations within the next three years, with AI expected to revolutionize operations, scheduling, and patient access.
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