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Health technology in 2024: Projections for AI, digital health, and more

January 11, 2024
Chief Healthcare Executive
AI, digital health on rise in 2024. Optimizations sought for overworked healthcare staff and financial stress with tech solutions. AI seen as transformative but needs safety measures. Advice given for tech integration targeting efficiency, patient experience. AI could streamline non-clinical processes, control operating costs. Companies face lower valuations, reduced IPO interest, investment slowdown. Shifts needed for operational goals, focusing on health outcomes, cost management. Generative AI adoption progressing; workflow applications, EMRs might dominate uptake. Robust large language models in healthcare require careful implementation for accuracy, safety. Patient acceptance crucial; value of AI needs clear illustration. ePrescribing moving towards price transparency. Increased regulatory involvement expected as AI's application grows. Labor shortfall countered with automation enhancing efficiency. AI improvements in clinical documentation, billing promised. AI, data analytics advised for long-term strategy and financial health. Admin burdens reduced with AI, automation. Aging population, resource scarcity may drive healthcare innovation. Alternative EHR offerings providing competitive ROI foreseen. Generative AI could improve context of care, reduce rehospitalization, push value-based care. Executives advised to adopt technology as core strategy for growth.
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