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HCA Healthcare - HCA Healthcare Collaborates With Google Cloud to Bring Generative AI to Hospitals

September 24, 2023
Business Wire
HCA Healthcare and Google Cloud partner to use AI technology to enhance medical workflows, particularly clinical documentation, to allow health professionals to focus more on patient care while ensuring data privacy and security. This collaboration is part of HCA's stratagem to advance its digital shift. The new arrangement enables ER physicians in certain HCA hospitals to use Google’s AI to document key medical data swiftly during patient interactions via an Augmedix app. Implementation will be extended to more hospitals, with reported strong satisfaction from the pilot program. The AI technology is also utilized to develop a tool that automates patient handoff reports between nurses for consistency and patient safety. Additionally, HCA's exploring Google’s Med-PaLM 2 LLM to assist caregivers, and Google Cloud's data sovereignty approach aids clients in maintaining control of their data.
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