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Hallucination-Free RAG: Making LLMs Safe for Healthcare

May 13, 2024
Matt Yeung
In the April 2024 article by Matt Yeung, titled "Hallucination-Free RAG: Making LLMs Safe for Healthcare," the focus is on a technique called "Deterministic Quoting" developed by Invetech, which helps ensure the reliability of language model outputs in healthcare applications by providing verbatim quotations from source materials without modifications. This technique highlights text in a blue background as a visual assurance that the displayed information has not been altered or "hallucinated" by the LLM, addressing the critical issue of accuracy in applications like medical record processing, diagnosis assistance, and medical guideline referencing. The article discusses both the motivation for and the basic implementation of the deterministic quoting approach, emphasizing its potential to significantly reduce misinformation risks in healthcare settings, where the accuracy of information is paramount.
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