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Google says Med-Gemini model outperforms existing AI/ML

May 6, 2024
Fierce Healthcare
Google and DeepMind's research introduces Med-Gemini, an advanced artificial intelligence model specifically tailored for healthcare applications, surpassing existing AI tools in accuracy, reliability, and capability in clinical reasoning. According to Google, Med-Gemini, still in its research stage and based on the Gemini model, significantly outperforms other large multimodal models like GPT-4, achieving a 91.1% accuracy on the MedQA benchmark and excelling in complex tasks such as medical text summarization and EHR data retrieval. The model is designed to enhance clinician capabilities by efficiently processing and integrating vast amounts of medical data and has been effective in real-world scenarios like diagnosing skin lesions. While promising, Google notes that Med-Gemini requires further fine-tuning and adherence to responsible AI principles before it can be deployed widely in healthcare settings.
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