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Generative AI Is Changing the Hiring Calculus at These Companies

April 15, 2024
The Wall Street Journal
Generative AI is increasingly influencing hiring strategies in companies, aiming to achieve higher productivity with fewer employees. CIOs are exploring AI's potential to streamline operations and reduce workforce needs without directly implying imminent layoffs. For instance, KeyBank successfully implemented a conversational AI tool, reducing call center volume and consequently the need to hire more staff. Meanwhile, Oshkosh Corp. witnessed productivity gains without proportionately increasing its workforce, even as the company grew significantly. Despite these advancements, the overall U.S. job market remains robust, and it's premature to conclude a nationwide trend of reduced hiring due to AI. However, companies like Nationwide are investing in AI to manage growth without enlarging their clerical workforce, focusing on enabling employees to concentrate on more complex tasks.
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