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GE HealthCare, Vanderbilt AI models predict immunotherapy responses among cancer patients

March 9, 2024
GE HealthCare, in collaboration with Vanderbilt University Medical Center (VUMC), has developed artificial intelligence (AI) models capable of predicting cancer patients' responses to immunotherapies with 70% to 80% accuracy by analyzing diverse sets of data from over 2,200 patients. These models utilize electronic medical records, including demographic, genomic, tumor, cellular, proteomic, and imaging data, to forecast both efficacy outcomes and the likelihood of severe side effects such as hepatitis, colitis, and pneumonitis. This advancement aims to move beyond the current trial-and-error methodologies and reliance on novel biomarkers, providing a more precise, data-driven approach to cancer treatment. GE HealthCare is exploring the commercialization of these AI technologies to enhance patient care and support biopharma drug development, contingent on regulatory approvals.
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