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From AI assistants to Big Tech breakup: World Wide Web inventor's top predictions as it turns 35

March 13, 2024
Contributed by: Bill Russell
In an article reflecting on the 35th anniversary of the World Wide Web's creation, inventor Tim Berners-Lee discusses his dissatisfaction with certain developments on the web, particularly around social media and data ownership. He forecasts a future where AI personal assistants become central to web interaction, emphasizing the need for a trustworthy digital assistant akin to doctors or lawyers. Berners-Lee envisions a shift towards users regaining control over their data through technology his startup, Inrupt, is developing, which allows for data to be stored in personal "pods." This innovation seeks to challenge the current dominance of tech giants over user data. Additionally, he touches on the prospects of mixed reality integrating seamlessly with everyday technology and speculates that regulatory pressures could lead to the breakup of a major tech company in the future, in light of recent legislation like the European Union's Digital Markets Act.
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